10 YouTube Channels to Learn R Programming (2024)

10 YouTube Channels to Learn R Programming (1)

Master R programming: Top 10 YouTube channels for beginners and pros

Embark on your R programming journey with our curated list of 10 top YouTube channels. From comprehensive tutorials to specialized insights, these expert-led channels cater to beginners and seasoned learners alike. Dive in and elevate your R skills!

1. Programming 101:

R Programming 101's YouTube channel features a comprehensive playlist titled "R Programming for Beginners," curated for novice learners. Managed by R Programming 101, the channel delivers clear and concise explanations alongside practical examples. The well-structured, beginner-friendly videos cover fundamental topics such as R installation, data importation, cleaning, and visualization, providing an invaluable step-by-step guide for newcomers to R programming.

2. DataCamp:

DataCamp's YouTube channel presents the "R Tutorial – Learn R Programming" playlist, featuring 23 videos that comprehensively cover fundamental R programming concepts. Managed by DataCamp, a platform renowned for structured learning, the channel employs presentation-based teaching, ensuring effectiveness and accessibility for beginners. The playlist serves as a valuable, step-by-step guide covering data types, vectors, matrices, data frames, and graphics.

3. StatQuest with Josh Starmer:

StatQuest with Josh Starmer presents the "Statistics and Machine Learning in R" playlist, delving into R programming for statistics and machine learning. The engaging videos cover topics like PCA, Random Forests, Linear Regression, and Logistic Regression. Josh Starmer's humorous teaching style, coupled with animations, simplifies complex concepts, making this playlist a valuable resource for learners at all levels.

4. Machine Learning Plus – Selva:

The "R Tutorials for Non-Programmer Data scientists – Full Course" playlist by Machine Learning Plus – Selva is a comprehensive introduction to R programming for beginners. Covering fundamental topics such as basic math operations and data types, Selva's approach is particularly advantageous for those new to data science, establishing a solid R programming foundation.

5. Google for Developers:

Google for Developers is a channel committed to delivering comprehensive tutorials and insights on programming languages and developer tools, with a notable focus on R programming. The "Intro to R" playlist provides a series of tutorials covering both fundamental and advanced aspects of R, enhancing viewers' programming skills. The channel, managed by a team of experts, offers reliable and professionally-driven content for developers.

6. MarinStatsLectures-R Programming & Statistics:

MarinStatsLectures specializes in R programming and statistics, delivering a thorough learning experience for both beginners and those seeking advanced understanding. The tutorial playlist covers R basics, RStudio usage, and various statistical methods. Managed by Marin, an educator passionate about accessible and engaging teaching, the channel ensures a comprehensive educational resource.

7. thenewboston:

thenewboston stands as a renowned YouTube channel celebrated for its diverse programming and development tutorials, prominently featuring R programming in a comprehensive playlist. Founded on February 4, 2008, by Bucky Roberts, the channel serves as an invaluable resource, offering a thorough guide from R basics to advanced programming concepts for beginners and intermediate learners in the programming community.

8. Derek Banas:

Derek Banas' YouTube channel, established on August 12, 2008, is widely recognized for its diverse programming tutorials, featuring an extensive series on R programming. His tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to R, covering syntax, plotting, and statistical analysis. Renowned for its engaging teaching style and responsiveness to viewer requests, Banas' channel maintains high popularity and user engagement.

9. Edureka!:

Established on June 29, 2012, edureka! has evolved into a prominent online learning hub, specializing in programming and technology. The channel's "R Tutorial Videos" playlist, comprising 40 videos and garnering 485,901 views, serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding R programming fundamentals. With experienced instructors employing a structured approach, combining presentations with hands-on demonstrations, edureka! stands out as a valuable resource catering to learners at diverse proficiency levels.

10. Data Science Tutorials:

Commenced on November 1, 2015, Data Science Tutorials has distinguished itself by delivering targeted and pragmatic content in data science and programming, notably within R programming. The "R Programming Complete Tutorial" playlist, comprising 32 videos and totaling 21,514 views, caters to learners seeking succinct, hands-on demonstrations. The channel's practical approach, featuring brief, focused videos, proves ideal for busy learners requiring rapid comprehension of R Programming concepts.


YouTube's R programming education abounds with resources from channels like DataCamp, StatQuest, and Data Science Tutorials. With structured learning, engaging tutorials, and concise practicality, these options create a vibrant ecosystem for mastering R efficiently.

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10 YouTube Channels to Learn R Programming (2024)
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