1976 Ford Pinto Wagon for sale by owner - Los Angeles, CA - craigslist (2024)

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Passed California SMOG on 3-4-2023. Please look at SMOG history photo for proof.

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I purchased this Pinto with 68985 miles in November 2017 in Los Angeles, California. This is a California car, produced in San Jose, California in 1975.

BODY WORK AND NEW PAINT DONE IN MARCH 2018. There was very minor rust on the car to begin with but easily repaired during body work. The headliner is all there. The front seats are protected with seat covers and underneath is the original green vinyl which has some rips. The rear seats are beautiful with no rips. The dashboard has minor cracking but is all there, original green and currently covered to protect it. The original green carpet is still intact though faded somewhat as expected. Only the drivers side floor carpeting is ripped but has been protected with aftermarket mat. The floor boards are not rusted out and are perfectly intact. The door locks and keys work. The door handles work. The radio works. The lights all work. The turn signals works. The wipers work. The heater works. The horn works. The hood latch opens and locks properly. Starts up every single time. I drive it 2 times a week around the block. I've been on the freeway doing 60 mph. I've only put on about 2500 miles in 5 years. Current mileage is 70600. Ball joints are intact and not leaking. All fluid levels hold very well. Radiator, water pump, seals, gaskets, timing belt, hoses....all new. Car shifts and accelerates well. Reverse works. Brakes work well. Gas gauge works. One tiny 1/2 inch non expanding crack on drivers side windshield. All other windows are perfect. Rubber door seals are drying out so I've improvised with firm black foam strips to reduce door vibration and wind. This seems to works out perfectly. The car has been garaged since November 2017 so it has been protected from the elements.

Refer to this list below of parts and labor performed during my 5 year ownership. I've done some work myself to save on labor rates in a pricey market such as Southern California. Looking for a buyer who appreciates and acknowledges the parts and labor put into this classic during my ownership. Passing California SMOG is not an accident. I've incurred the costs necessary to keep this car running legally in California. I'll consider a out of state buyer however you would need to visit California and pay for the car in person before you take it. Obviously, if you're looking for a rusted out non-working beater, from a junkyard, with multiple missing parts, this vehicle is not for you.

Registered until April 2024, with clean title in hand. Current mileage 70600.

List of work done


New LuK 07-003 Clutch Kit (May 2019)

New DEA A2346 Transmission Mount (May 2019)

New Bellhousing, Center and Top Lid gaskets, Front Nose O-ring, Front and Rear Oil Seals

(Ordered from Burton Power England) (May 2019)


New DEA A2344 Front Engine Mounts

Cooling System

New APDI 8010426 Radiator (May 2019)

New Cardone Select 55-21141 New Water Pump (May 2019)

New Gates 20878 Upper Radiator Hose (May 2019)

New Gates 20883 Lower Radiator Coolant Hose (May 2019)

New Gates 33259S 195f Thermostat (May 2019)

New Gates TCK014 Timing Belt Component Kit (May 2019)

New Gates Fan/Alternator Belt

New Fel-Pro 35381 Water Pump Gasket (May 2019)

Fuel System

New Motorad MGC-733 Replacement Fuel Cap (March 2018)

New Motorcraft FG14C Fuel Filter

New Delphi MF0093 Mechanical Fuel Pump (March 2018)


New Standard Motor Products UC15T Ignition Coil (March 2022)

New Interstate MT26 battery (December 2021)

New Motorcraft Ignition Control Module DY893 (May 2021)

Remanufactured Cardone Distributor 302490 (May 2021)

New Standard Distributor Motor FD114 (May 2021)

New Standard Distributor Cap FD150 (May 2021)

New Duralast Starter Motor DL-3191 (April 2019)

New Autolite 106 Resistor Spark Plugs (January 2018)

New Standard Motor Products VR-166T Voltage Regulator (January 2018)

New Duralast Alternator (January 2018)


Remanufactured Autolite C7215 Carburetor (May 2021)

New Muffler, Silencer and Catalytic Converter installed (March 2019)

Remanufactured Cardone SMOG Pump 32-290 (March 2019)

New Gates 7363 V-Belt for Smog Pump (March 2019)

New Carter 6770 Air Bypass Diverter Valve (May 2018)

New FORD OEM D8BZ-9D474-A EGR Vacuum Control Solenoid (May 2018)

New STANDARD EGV240 EGR Valve (May 2018)

New Fel-Pro 60143 Air Cleaner Gasket (May 2018)

New Dorman 47361 (4/5 Way) Vacuum Tubing Connector (May 2018)

New Vacuum lines (May 2018)


New Dorman 92724 Parking Brake cable (December 2021)

New Raybestos WC37029 Wheel Cylinders (January 2021)

New Sunsong 2201165 Front Hydraulic Hoses (January 2021)

New Wagner Z474R Rear Brake Shoes (January 2021)
New ACDelco 45G24000 Rack Pinion Bushings (November 2020)
New Rear Leaf Spring Axle Insulator Pads Upper/Lower FRI-202 (November 2020)

New Front Leaf Spring Bushings Dayton RB82 (November 2020)

New Rear Leaf Spring Bushings Harris HB387 (November 2020)

New ACDelco 45G0501 Professional Front Suspension Stabilizer Bushing (June 2018)

New Moog K8229 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit (June 2018)

New 2 Monroe 32118 Front Shocks and 2 Monroe 5831 Rear Shocks (June 2018)

New Duralast Outer Tie Rods (June 2018)

New Barum Brillantis 175/70R13 Tires 40,000 mile Warranty (America's Tire) (June 2018)


New Anco 41-03 Wiper Arms (December 2017)

New Dorman 77000 Driver Side Replacement Interior Door Handle (December 2017)

New Broadway BW848 360mm Type-A Flat Clip-on Rear View Mirror (December 2017)

New Dorman 20731 Clutch and Brake Pedal Pads (December 2017)


Replaced Front Grill

1 MAHLE Original VS50208 Engine Valve Cover Gasket Set

1 CARDONE 101614 New Brake Master Cylinder

1 FORD OEM D4FZ-9K793-A Emission Control Valve

1 Fel-Pro BS 30136 Rear Engine Main Seal Set

1 Fel-Pro OS30297C Oil Pan Gasket Set

1976 Ford Pinto Wagon for sale by owner - Los Angeles, CA - craigslist (2024)
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