How does scaling work in Deepwoken? – Gaming FAQ (2024)

A weapon’s scaling can be increased using the proficiency trait, this will raise the scaling by 5% per point for EVERY weapon, including weapons that do not scale primarily off of Medium, Light or Heavy.

What does weapon scaling do?

Elden Ring weapon scaling is how a weapon uses your characters stats to change how much damage it does, based on a letter rating in its description. The better the letter, the more the stats marked will positively impact the weapon’s damage.

Is it better to be one handed or two handed in deepwoken?

If you’re trained in one-handed, then one handed weapons are better. If you’re trained in two-handed, then two handed weapons are better. Pretty straight-forward. If you’re equally trained in both, then one-handed is faster, two handed hits harder.

What does weight do to a weapon in Deepwoken?

What does weight do to a weapon in Deepwoken? Weight: Posture damage dealt. Range: Horizontal reach of a weapon (not counted by studs). Swing Speed: Speed of basic weapon attacks (M1s).

What is the rarest AXE in Deepwoken?

The Relic Axe is a Heavy Weapon of Legendary rarity that is only obtainable as a rare drop from Sand Knights found in the Starswept Valley.

Weapon Scaling: EXPLAINED || DEEPWOKEN ||

Who is the strongest person in Deepwoken?

  • The Ferryman: The most masterful of magicians, and very young and VERY alive. …
  • Akira: The black diver, known to recruit people, and get his hands dirty in the process. …
  • Duke Erisia: The rightful ruler to the land of Erisia and the most masterful galebreather currently alive.

Is willpower important in Deepwoken?

Willpower. Your character’s mental integrity and ability to keep a steady mind. Increases Sanity and Tempo per point. One point in Willpower gives +3 sanity and (Likely) +.5 tempo.

Are fists a light weapon in Deepwoken?

Fists are another type of scaled LHT weapon attribute in Deepwoken. There are 3 different fist styles and 2 of them share the common ability of being able to be switched at any time, even mid combat.

Does strength increase damage in Deepwoken?

Strength. Physical strength. Increases carry load, armor penetration, and the damage scaling of strength mantras.

Does age affect anything in Deepwoken?

Effects of aging

If you are significantly older than another player of the same race then they get the “Juvenile” or “Nephew” title over their name like it would for a family member and you get “Elder” above yours for them.

Is luck still a thing in Deepwoken?

Luck was a feature in Deepwoken that affected the likelihood of rare or legendary Talent Cards appearing when you power up. As of the Verse 2 update, Luck has been removed and replaced with an entirely new system to give you rare and or legendary Talent Cards.

Is charisma useful in Deepwoken?

Charisma can be used in certain dialogue checks that require charisma. NPCs and players will positively respond to your citations from How To Make Friends at 33 charisma, and eagerly at 66 charisma.

What is the best intelligence scaling weapon?

Elden Ring: The 10 Best Weapons For An Intelligence Build

  • 8 Moonveil.
  • 7 Lusat’s Glintstone Staff.
  • 6 Death Ritual Spear.
  • 5 Scepter Of The All-Knowing.
  • 4 Rotten Crystal Sword.
  • 3 Azur’s Glintstone Staff.
  • 2 Dark Moon Greatsword.
  • 1 Fallingstar Beast Jaw.

How do you increase weapon scaling?

Increasing Scaling Values

All weapons increase their scaling values by being upgraded. All weapons upgraded with somber smithing stones gain an extra 8% of their base scaling per upgrade level, while other weapons gain 2% by default.

How do you increase weapon attribute scaling?

It is possible to alter a weapon’s attribute scaling beyond simply improving it with Smithing Stones. Applying Ashes of War allows you to choose new “Qualities” for the weapon that worsen some scaling and improve others. A Keen Quality, for example, worsens Strength scaling while improving Dexterity scaling.

Why do my eyes glow red in Deepwoken?

Why do (did) my etrean’s eyes turn red in combat? There’s this one talent called ‘Time to Go’ where if you grip someone you get red eyes and an increased speed boost.

What is the strongest spear in Deepwoken?

The True Seraph’s Spear is a MED weapon. This spear can be obtained from killing a Corrupted King Thresher or a Glacial Lionfish in The Depths. It has the joint highest MED requirement out of all spears, alongside the Kyrsglaive, and probably is the most tedious spear to obtain. It’s unrivalled in its chip damage.

Is there a katana in Deepwoken?

The Katana is a Medium Weapon that can be obtained from chests found in Minityrsa, Songseeker Wilds, The Depths and Primadon. Additionally, it drops from Etrean Royal Guard at an uncommon chance and it can be sold by chili for around 90 notes. This weapon has a base damage of 18 and requires 25 MED to equip.

Does resetting count as a death in Deepwoken?

Resetting counts as dying, so apart from the PlayerRemoving event, you should use the Humanoid. Died event to know whenever a player resets or dies.

What does unbreakable do in Deepwoken?

Armor Stats

This Outfit also grants the Talent Card Unbreakable, which has reduced stun duration when block broken.

What is the most important stat in Deepwoken?

Charisma. Charisma is by far the best support stat. It has excellent talents and great support for those going no-attunement.

What gives the most XP in Deepwoken?

The Depths is the best place for farming EXP and rare items in the game, but it is also very dangerous. You only have one life down here, and if you die, you have to restart your character.

Is Ganymede rare in Deepwoken?

Ganymede is one of the rarest obtainable races in the game, the other ones being Capra and Tiran. Ganymedes make up the main population of the Hive along with Vesperians and Chrysids. Ganymede begins with an unobtainable hat by default.

What is the best AXE in Deepwoken?

At 100 heavy, the Enforcer’s Axe does 52 damage. Enforcer’s Axe is considered one of the best Greataxes in Deepwoken.

How does scaling work in Deepwoken? – Gaming FAQ (2024)
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