Our 8 favourite hairdressers in Rotterdam - Weekends in Rotterdam (2024)

There are plenty of hairdressers in Rotterdam! But what hairdresser in our city is really good? Maybe your favourite hairdresser is fully booked or you are ready for a completely new style.

Finding a new great hairdresser always turns out to be very difficult. Once in a while a message appears in the friends group app:”does anyone know a good hairdresser?” Of course you don’t let just anyone cut your precious hair.

That is why I thought it would be useful to have a list of the best hairdressers in Rotterdam ready. The following hairdressers in Rotterdam are the favourites among our editors and my friends (and also have good reviews online, always double check!).

From short to long and from straight to curly hair, there is something for every hair type. The hairdressers below are extremely popular, so always book an appointment in time.

1. Dyehard

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A favourite among my friends is certainly Dyehard. And especially to have your hair coloured beautifully by hair specialist Zoe. Balayage, flamboyage or just colouring your roots, everything is possible!

Of course you can also have your hair cut by one of the specialists. The price quality ratio in this hair salon is really very good. You currently pay between €42 and €62 for a haircut. Consult Dyehard about their colour treatments if you’re unsure on what to do!

Dyehard is highly recommended, but often also fully booked. So be quick!

1e Middellandstraat 125a, 3021 BD Rotterdam

2. Sjenkels Atelier

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Sjenkels Atelier can be found on the corner of Goudsesingel. Because of the many windows it is a beautiful light space and you can enjoy people-watching.

Hairstylists who specialize in various treatments work at Sjenkels Atelier. They master many cutting and colouring techniques and use the best products, such as Olaplex, System Professional and Nioxin. In addition, you get really good personal advice here.

For a while now I wanted to dye my hair lighter and cut it into a long bob, but I couldn’t get any further than that. Balayage? Highlights? I didn’t really know what I wanted.

Once in the chair at Sjenkels Atelier, hairstylist Nancy took me under her wing. She listened carefully, thought along and came up with good creative ideas and Pinterest images.

Here you pay between €48 and €78 for washing, cutting and blow-drying. You definitely get value for your money here. They make sure you walk out the door happy with your new hairdo.


Goudsesingel 324A, 3011 KJ Rotterdam

3. The Color

After a recommendation from a friend, I went to The Color a while back, it was called Sue back then. My hair was cut by owner Jochum, a real pro, and was certainly satisfied with the end result!

In the summer of 2020, Sue Salon transformed into The Color Hoogstraat. So the focus has become more on hair colours and all Color Specialists are internally trained by the educators of The Color College. Of course there will also be hair cutting at a high level.

At the moment you pay between €47.50 and €68 for a haircut at The Color.

Hoogstraat 26-A, 3011 PP Rotterdam

4. Morango Curls

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For all girls and boys with beautiful curls, there is Morango Curls. Chances are you already knew this curl specialist in Rotterdam, because it is very popular (unfortunately with a huge waiting list as well).

At Morango Curls, hair stylists are trained to treat and cut any type of curl. The price for cutting is between €60 and €110. They cut curl by curl here, so it’s definitely worth the price!

In addition to the professional haircut, they provide tailor-made advice and explain how to best care for your curls.

Voorhaven 66, 3024 RP Rotterdam

5. La Fee Verte Beauty Parlour

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Another great hairdresser in Rotterdam is La Fee Verte Beauty Parlor. Trim your beard, colour your roots or get a completely new hairstyle. Everything is possible. And the vintage interior gives the place that little bit extra!
The price for cutting and blow-drying at La Fee Verte Beauty Parlor is currently €49 (for children €30).
Zwaanshals 276b, 3035 KM Rotterdam

6. Elle & Moi

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Elle & Moi is a High-End beauty salon that also have multiple hairdressers that use the latest techniques.

You can also go here for hair extensions, various keratin treatments and hair coloring. For those who do not know what a keratin treatment is: this will treat your hair with liquid keratin, which penetrates deep into your hair and makes the hair very soft and smooth. Definitely worth a try!

A haircut at Elle & Moi costs between €35 and €68.

Chris Bennekerslaan 25B, 3061 EB Rotterdam

7. Rob Peetoom

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One of the most famous hairdressers in Rotterdam is Rob Peetoom. It is a spacious two-storey store, distinguishing between cut, colour and make-up.

Rob Peetoom’s specialists are trained at the Rob Peetoom Academy. Here they learn to cut a haircut that best suits your face and look. The price for a haircut is between €45 and €103.50.

Meent 128, 3011 JS Rotterdam

8. Blond Non Blond

A hairdresser that I often visited in the past is Blond non Blond. I mainly went here to colour my hair. But you can go for everything here: haircuts, blow-drying, styling.

The owner is very friendly and together with you she comes with the best hairstyle for you. The price for a haircut is currently between €30 and €40.

Mauritsweg 45-A, 3012 JV Rotterdam

That are our 8 favourite hairdressers in Rotterdam! Do you have a great tip for a good hairdresser in Rotterdam? Be sure to share it with us and who knows, maybe it will end up in this list (after a personal investigation)! Share your personal experiences and tips in the comments below. 🙂

Do you want more tips for wellness & beauty in Rotterdam? Read our article with places for a lovely massage and take a look at these 10 nail salons in Rotterdam!

Our 8 favourite hairdressers in Rotterdam - Weekends in Rotterdam (2024)
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